Monthly Archives: January 2008

Japan Times. Friday 25th January 2008. Basking in the northern cold. Travel article about Sapporo Snow Festival.

Metropolis (Tokyo) Issue 721 January 18th 2008. Cranes, trains and no automobiles await visitors in Hokkaido. Travel article about winter in Kushiro.

South China Morning Post. 16th January 2008. Wing It. Travel article about the steam trains and red crested cranes of Kushiro, Japan

City Weekend (Shanghai). January 10-23 2008. Liquidating Your Assets. Article about drink prices in Shanghai.

Auto Express (UK). January 9-15 2008. Brilliance BS4 Splendor. Car review.

Transitions Abroad (USA). Jan/Feb 2008. The New Shanghai – An expatriate’s perspective on living and working in China’s largest city.

That’s Shanghai. January 2008. 24 hours in Harbin. Travel article.