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The Right Way to Travel. 8th December 2016. A two-letter tip for cutting your writing time in half.

South China Morning Post. 26th November 2016. All the fun of the show. Article about the Guangzhou Auto Show.

SCMP – Guangzhou Auto Show 2016

South China Morning Post. 19th November 2016. A Sporting MG. Test drive and review of the MG GS.


Autocar. 18th November 2016. New Roewe i6 to become next-generation MG 6.

Autocar. 18th November 2016. Guangzhou Motor Show Highlights

Audi Magazine Hong Kong. Winter 2016. Driven by Fun. Article about the Goodwood Festival and track day in Shanghai.

Audi Magazine HK – Goodwood Festival and track day

BNE Magazine. Nov/Dec 2016. Real Shanghai. Travel article about how to discover the not so well known charms of Shanghai.

South China Morning Post. 29th October 2016. Highway to Discovery. Article about driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport around the Tibetan border area of Sichuan.

Sixth Tone. 28th October 2016. Chinese Craft Brewers Hop to a Different Tune. Article about Chinese craft beer.

South China Morning Post. 15th October 2016. Bold Boyue a value option. Test drive and review of the Geely Boyue.

Priority. Oct-Dec 2016. Reclaiming the Cuisine. Article about Lao food.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Clearing the Air. Interview with Roger Bitterlin, General Manager of PLASTON China about the Boneco range of air purifiers.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Trading Places. Interview with David Braun, Head of Economic, Financial and Commercial Section of the Swiss Embassy in the People’s Republic of China about the free trade agreement.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Work in Progress. Article on the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement.

Nikkei Asian Review. 26th September 2016. China’s Electric Car Dreams Still Fed by Subsidies

South China Morning Post. 17th September 2016. Big affordable Ford hits China. Test drive and review of the Ford Taurus.

South China Morning Post. 3rd September 2016. Blue skies, shimmering asphalt and powerful Audis in Shanghai. Article about an Audi Sport track day.

Inner Circle. September 2016. Of Dragons and Dinosaurs. Article about Changzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel there.

South China Morning Post. 20th August 2016. Denza dares to be different. Review of the Denza EV.

Sixth Tone. 5th August 2016. Electric Road Tripping Hits Speed Bumps in China.

Inner Circle. August 2016. The Tale of Tea. Article about Hangzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel there.

South China Morning Post. 30th July 2016. Qoros Qlown. Review of the Qoros 5 SUV.

Jerusalem Post Magazine. 15th July 2016. Far East refuge. Story about how Jewish refugees found sanctuary in Shanghai.

Auto Express. 4 July 2016. Emgrand EV 2016 review. Road test of the Geely Emgrand EV.

Great Escape Publishing. 3 June 2016. The Easiest Way To Get Published For The First Time.

Inner Circle. June 2016. Future Shock. Travel Article about Doha and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Inner Circle. May 2016. Front and Centre. Travel article about Wuhan and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Selamta. May-June 2016. 24 hours in Guangzhou. Travel article about what to do with a day in the city.

Autocar 26 April 2016. IAT Kalman – £1 million SUV on display in Beijing.

Autocar. 25 April 2016. The most important Chinese cars at the Beijing motor show.

Nikkei Asian Review. 13 April 2016. Chinese motor racing grinding in second gear.

Aggregates Business International. March/April 2016. Shantui Bulldozers’ Mining Mission. Quarry Report about Shantui bulldozers in use at a Chinese coal mine.

Japan Times. 13 March 2016. Nagoya’s big names, trains and automobiles. Travel article looking at museums in Nagoya

The National. 11 March 2016. Road test: Geely Emgrand GT.

City Weekend. 10 March 2016. Resting their feet. Community Feature Story about Hongkou and Shanghai’s Jewish refugees.

Silkroad. March 2016. Caving in. Travel article looking at the cave dwellers around Xi’an and their disappearing way of life.

Inner Circle. February 2016. A Bite of Fuzhou. Travel article about Fuzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Tiger Tales. January 2016. Warrior Fuel. A look at Xi’an’s food particularly in the Muslim Quarter.

Vantage Shanghai. January 2016. Moving into the fast lane. Article about the new wave of cars from leading Chinese producers.

Travel by Lightfoot (website). December 2015. Following the Herd in Sri Lanka.

South China Morning Post. 27 November 2015. Centre Stage for Premiers. Article about the 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Autocar. 20 November 2015. 2015 Guangzhou Motor Show report and gallery.

Shanghai Family. November 2015. What’s on your wish list? The hottest imported baby and toddler products available in Shanghai.

Jetstar Asia. November 2015. Cambodia’s black gold. Made in article about Kampot pepper.

MG Enthusiast. November 2015. The MG GS in China. Test drive of the MG GS.

Inner Circle. October 2015. Hefei Heritage. Travel article about Hefei and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Nikkei Asian Review. 1 October 2015. Ripples of emission scandal felt in China.

South China Morning Post. 25 September 2015. Chinese firms aim to become driving force for telematics.

Autocar. 8 September 2015. 2016 MG GS 1.5T Deluxe AWD review

Shanghai where is .

Inner Circle. September 2015. Ancient Glory. Travel article about Xi’an and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Shanghai where is

South China Morning Post. 28 August 2015. Chinese carmakers raise the bar for design and technology.

Shanghai where is

The Right Way to Travel. 4/08/2015. The key to breaking into big magazines it to write small articles.

Shanghai where is .

Nikkei Asian Review. 28/07/2015. The Zhengzhou Model – Chinese cities look to airports for growth.

Shanghai where is

Bridge. Summer 2015. Innovation in China: The Swiss Contribution.

China Automotive Review. July 2015. China driving design from the back seat.

Shanghai where is .

Aggregates Business International. 11 June 2015. XCMG launch One Belt One Road Service Tour. News story.

Shanghai where is .

Inner Circle. June 2015. Revolutionary Road. Article about Nanchang and the Shangri-La Hotel, Nanchang.

Shanghai where is

South China Morning Post. 29 May 2015. Shanghai Auto Show is big in scale and continues to grow.

Shanghai where is .

GN Focus. 17 May 2015. No shortcut to the lap of luxury. Article on China’s influence on the luxury car market.

Nikkei Asian Review. 12 May 2015. China’s government, families come to grips with need for nursing care.

UO Magazine. May 2015. Article on otaku and cosplay culture in Japan – translated into Chinese.

Autocar. 22 April 2015. The Chinese stars of the Shanghai motor show.

Bridge. Spring 2015. Learning from the Experts. Article about the Swiss hospitality industry and its impact in China

Autocar. 6 March 2015. Ford Escort Review.

Serendib. March 2015. Tower Hamlets. Article on towers in Kaiping, Guangdong Province.

Silkroad. March 2015. Second Wind. Article on the growing sailing scene in Sanya, Hainan.

Inner Circle. March 2015. Salt of the Earth. Article about Yangzhou and the Shangri-La Hotel, Yangzhou.

SBR. Feb/Mar 2015. MICE Sector Pushes Forward. Article about MICE industry in China.

Inner Circle. February 2015. Southern Capital. Article about Nanjing and the Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing.

Auto Express. 9 January 2015. Qoros 3 hatchback review.

Inner Circle. January 2015. Sun, Sea and Sanya. Article about Shangri-la’s Sanya Resort.

Travel Writer’s Life. 21 December 2014. $770 (plus perks) from one inflight magazine article.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Zoomlion unveils high efficiency dry mortar mix plant.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Atlas Copco launches new Chinese drill rig.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Komatsu launches new range of excavators for China.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Sandvik launches new circular stroke inclined screen.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Volvo Penta has new engines for China Stage III standard

World Highways. 27 November 2014. New RAMMER hammer for extreme use.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. KOHLER KDI3404 engine family.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Volvo launches new mid-range excavator.

World Highways. 27 November 2014. Weichai has large range of generators for export.

World Highways. 26 November 2014. New self propelled drill from Sandvik.

World Highways. 26 November 2014. Cummins unveils two new engines for the Chinese market.

World Highways. 26 November 2014. Doosan unveils tier 3 compliant excavators

World Highways. 26 November 2014. New products from MTG help cut costs.

World Highways. 26 November 2014. Perkins launch compact but powerful engine.

World Highways. 26 November 2014. ESTP offers equipment manufacturers easy access to Russia.

World Highways. 25 November 2014. Volvo’s new mid-sized paver is quiter and more efficient.

Autocar. 21 November 2014. Guangzhou motor show 2014 report and gallery.

Autocar. 20 November 2014. Range Rover Evoque versus Landwind X7 copycat – which is better?

Jetstar. November 2014. Tokyo. Travel article on the city.

Hemispheres. October 2014. Cutting Remarks. Dispatches article about Hutong Cuisine.

Autocar. 1 October 2014. Qoros 3 saloon first drive.

Talk. October 2014. Baojun 610 test drive.

Nikkei Asian Review. 11 September 2014. Hunting for deals on wheels in China’s developing used car market.

Talk. September 2014. Citroen DS5 LS – Gallic Charmer? Review of the Citroen DS5 LS

Autocar. 21 August 2014. Citroen DS5 LS first drive.

China Automotive Review. October 2014. Should BYD quit making cars?

Talk. August 2014. E-Day. Review of the BYD e6.

Inner Circle. July 2014. Allure of Ningbo. Article about the city for Shangri-la Hotel magazine.