Tokay Gecko, Cambodia

Tokay Gecko, Cambodia

If you do not like sharing your room with the local wildlife, Cambodia is really not for you. Even the more luxurious places are likely to have noisy little geckos running across the walls. On the plus side they help eat the mosquitoes!

On one occasion I shared a room with a huge Tokay Gecko and on another I had a tiny little frog staying wet and cool in my bathroom!

Cambodia frog

Cambodia frog


Until the railway rehabilitation project is finished the only way to go long distances by public transport is via bus. Whilst you will be told a time for the bus often this is the time you are rounded up and taken to the bus rather than the actual time it leaves.

On one occasion I boarded a huge nice bus to be taken to a bus station on the edge of Siem Reap only to be loaded onto a much worse looking bus!




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