Date of visit: January 2012
Guide book used: Lonely Planet Cambodia 7th Edition

Pictures of Kampot can be seen here.

Accommodation: Bodhi Villa is painted out by the Lonely Planet to be the best place to stay in Kampot. Whilst it is not bad there should be some major caveats. Firstly it is quite a party location and so would most appeal to younger travellers – music is quite loud until quite late. Secondly some of the bungalows (more basic huts) have only 3 walls (with a semi open front only blocked by a curtain). As a result you have to deposit all valuables at the bar. Finally it is far from the Kampot town centre which may or may not be a good thing according to tastes.

Samon’s Village. As of January 2012 this was not in Lonely Planet or Canby Publications Sihanouk Ville guide. It is next to Bohi Villa and is even further out of Kampot. It’s run by the charismatic Samon, a local Khmer, and has a number of reasonably well equipped huts. Samon’s idea is to create an environment similar to that of a traditional Khmer village. As such the huts are built in traditional styles but also have modern amenities. My hut’s bathroom had a shower which used a coconut shell, it was however lacking a sink.


Samon Village (see accommodation) has a buffet and live traditional music every Saturday night. The buffet is $5 and consists of some of the best Khmer food you are likely to taste. Whilst the music performance is free donations are warmly accepted. Samon Village has a reputation for good Khmer food, but breakfast is not one of their strong points.

Cooking class

According to Canby Publications Sihanouk Ville guide both Captain Chim’s Family Café and Jam’s Café do cooking classes. However, Captain Chim’s (Jan 2012) said they no longer do classes. Jam’s Café can provide classes. The lady who runs the café speaks little English and so the best way to organise them would be either through her brother in law Sok Lim owner of Sok Lim Tours or go along in the evening when her husband, who works for Farmlink, is likely to be around.

What cooking you do at Jam’s is very much open to negotiation but the emphasis is on use of Kampot pepper.


This organisation helps with the marketing and also supports farmers with eco-friendly production. The office has moved and is now located on the other side of the river to main part of Kampot and just to north of the Kampong Bay Bridge (new) and towards the railway line.

  1. Hey, These are some amazing pthoos of Kampot! I especially love the ones of the guy climbing, the salt worker, the boat on Kampot river and the salt workers. They are all beautiful thought. Did you tag them so that they are findable’ online? I noticed their titles are numeric.. it would be a shame if someone searching for Kampot would not be able to find your gorgeous pthoos.

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