Date of visit: January 2012
Guide book used: Lonely Planet Cambodia 7th Edition

Pictures of Kep can be seen here.

Accommodation: Do not stay at the Kep Guesthouse. The only thing good about it is the French owner who meets the buses with his motorbike. Supposedly only open for 9 months (as of Jan 2012) it is already worse for wear. Sheets were ripped. Shower (cold in a $13 room) had so much water leaking from the connection it was impossible to get any flow of water from it. Many of the things on the menu were unavailable. Plus the location is poor. Whilst it does have views to Rabbit Island, it also looks over the market which is nothing really worth seeing and resembles more of rubbish tip in places.

Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay)

Getting there: Boats – information on boat times is very conflicting. I was told by guesthouse that as I had missed the 9am public boat I had to wait for the 1pm one. This left at well past 1.30. The other people on the boat had been told it was at 1.30. Once on Rabbit Island when trying to get back the next day I was told by a boatman that my boat was at 4. However the people at the hut I stayed in thought I could get any boat. I ended up getting a boat that showed up at the jetty at around 1.45. If anyone can give more information as to how the ‘public boats’ work please post a comment below.

Boats leave in Kep from a place marked on the road with a sign that reads something like “The most beautiful bays of the world”

Accommodation: There are around 6 or 7 different places to stay stretching away from the boat jetty on Rabbit Island. These seemed to range in price from $8 to $15 but prices vary according to facilities. Over Chinese New Year prices went up. Each place has a collection of huts. Some places are better than others. There also are perhaps party places. Certainly there was loud music and a party coming from one place when I stayed.

I stayed at the collection of huts furthest from the jetty. The owner (boss) is a bit strange. At first I thought he couldn’t speak English, but he can. The place however was reasonable (for the price and compared with the others) and I would recommend it. Here the electric generator was switched off just after 11pm. Huts had one energy saving light bulb.

Good advice:
• Before taking a hut check the lock – the hook for the padlock on mine just came straight out of the wood making it useless
• Make sure you cover the bed with the mosquito net well before dusk
• Be prepared to be woken early by the cockerels!
• Whilst some of the dogs make dingoes look domesticated they are harmless enough
• Do not order large portions unless you have the appetite of a sumo wrestler or are sharing between two people

It is meant to be possible to climb to the top of Rabbit Island where there is Khmer Rouge bunker. However, I was unable to find the path if there is one. Also the map in Canby Publications Sihanoukville Guide only shows paths around the island.

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