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China Automotive Review. October 2014. Should BYD quit making cars?

Talk. August 2014. E-Day. Review of the BYD e6.

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Travel Writer’s Life. 21 June 2014. Writing for airline magazines opens doors.

Silkroad. June 2014. Torque of the Town. Review of the Nissan GT-R.

Talk. June 2014. Wagon Wheels. Review of the Volkswagen Gran Lavida.

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Renaissance. September 2013. Hefei. Highlights of the city.

Renaissance. September 2013. Wuxi. Highlights of the city.

Autocar. Hongqi H7 First Drive review. 9th August 2013

Autocar. Senova First Drive review. 8th August 2013

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Sydney Morning Herald. 13th August 2011. Corolla clone takes on Prius. Test drive of the BYD F3DM 11th August 2011. China’s high speed rail crash – What really happened? Article about the Wenzhou train crash and its causes.

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China Car Times. 8th April 2011. The long awaited BYD e6 review. Car review on the Internet.

Vertu Select. 31st March 2011. Record breaking Chinese railways speed aheed. Article on China’s new high speed trains.

Unpublished articles for sale

Most of my previously published articles are available for purchase for publication in magazines or newspapers.

In addition I have complete but unpublished articles available on:

Explorers – looking at China based foreign explorers and foreign explorers who have explored China. I have profiles of 5 different people most of whom are Beijing based.

Beijing cooking class – looks at a cooking class in a traditional hutong

Fujian tulou – travel article looking at these defensive buildings in Yongding county in rural Fujian.

Hybrids in China – look at the market or lack of one for hybrid cars in China. Requires some updating.


I have materials and photographs for travel articles on:

Henan Province, China – possible articles on Kaifeng, Luoyang, and Shaolin Temple

Xinjiang Province, China – possible articles on Kanas Lake, and Kuche

Guangdong Province, China – possible article looking at how overseas Chinese built Kaiping with money made overseas. Would look at the reasons they went overseas and how they suffered to make money and be accepted.

Xi’an, China – general travel article

West Coast of South Island, New Zealand – look at the towns and area, along with some of the characters that makes up this sparsely populated area.

Coromandel Region, New Zealand – look at an area which is a playground for Auckland residents but relatively unknown to foreigners.

$0 car hire in New Zealand – how to get the best deals and what to look out for when driving in New Zealand.

Chinese in New Zealand – travel destinations connected to early Chinese settlers in New Zealand and how they tried to forge new lives for themselves.

Otago Peninsula, New Zealand – travel article about the scenic area a short drive from Dunedin.

Lao food – look at what distinguishes this cuisine as Lao people try to exert their cultural identity.

Lao cooking class – look at a class in Luang Prabang

Vang Vieng, Laos – what it has to offer older tourists.

Vang Vieng, Laos – adventure capital of Laos.

Plain of Jars, Laos – future UNESCO World Heritage Site trying to develop its tourist industry.

Unexploded ordnance, Laos – look at how charities are making the lives of ordinary Lao people better.


I have test driven and am able to write articles on the following cars:

Roewe 750

Roewe 550

MG 3 Streetwise

MG 3

MG 5

MG 6

Great Wall Hover


BYD e6

Ford Fiesta saloon (sedan)

Infiniti M lwb

Buick LaCrosse – both old and new Chinese versions

Buick GL8

Lifan 520 and 520i

Audi A4L

Volkswagen Lavida

Volkswagen New Santana

Zotye 5008 EV

Zotye M300 (Multiplan) EV

Hyundai Elantra Yuedong

BMW 328Li

Brilliance BS4

Brilliance BS6

Geely Emgrand EC7

South China Morning Post. 12th January 2011. Rumble in the Jungle. Travel article on Laos Elephant Festival.

Lenzing Inside. January 2011. The Lenzing Spirit for China. Profile of Mark Stubbs the General Manager of Lenzing’s Nanjing operations for the company magazine.

British Heritage. January 2011. Smokin’ Heritage. Article on the best British steam railways.

South China Morning Post. 6th November 2010. Bolt out of the blue. Car review of the BYD F3DM.

Straits Times. 13th July 2010. Get lost in Kashgar. Travel article about Kashgar and the Karakoram Highway.

Kansai Scene. July 2010. Travel article – Vientiane. Article about the capital Laos and a bicycle ride along the Mekong.

South China Morning Post. 19th June 2010. Up to the Marque. Car review of the MG 6

Metropolis. 11th June 2010. Luang Prabang. Travel Article

Metropolis. 14th May 2010. Kashgar. Travel article about Kashgar and the Karakoram Highway

The Age. 14th April 2010. London Cabs Down Under. Article on London taxis being used in Australia. Jointly attributed.

South China Morning Post. 11th April 2010. City on the Brink. Interview with Tess Johnston for books section.

Metropolis. April 2nd 2010 Issue 836. Weekend Getaway – Shanghai. Travel article about alternatives to the usual Shanghai trip.

Straits Times. March 9th 2010. Mingle with Snowmen. Travel article about the Sapporo snow festival.

That’s Shanghai. February 2010. 24 hours in Kaiping. Travel article.

South China Morning Post 9th January 2010. Quiet American. Car review of the Buick LaCrosse.