Uda Walawe National Park (Embilipitiya)

Date of visit: February 2013
Guide book used: Lonely Planet. Sri Lanka. 12th edition

Pictures of Uda Walawe National Park can be seen here.


The Lonely Planet gives the impression that there is very limited accommodation in the area but this is not the case.

Selara River Eco Resort (Selara River Hideout)

This is now known as the Selara River Hideout. Do not stay here. One of the people who runs this place is a thief. We lost $100 which we only discovered on arriving in Galle. Later investigation on Trip Advisor shows we were not the only ones. Also Lonely Planet has obviously never been to this place. The 11th edition claims there are 6 huts there are actually 3. And no the Selare River Eco Resort is not a different place the mobile number in the 11th edition matches that of the owner Indika (in the 12th edition the number is for someone else).

It’s a shame, the location is lovely but the huts could be better cleaned and maintained plus the food at Rs 800 for dinner is poor value. The Lonely Planet’s “does great things with lake fish” means frying it to a dried out crisp.

Embilipitiya to Galle

There are few direct buses. It is best to take a bus to Matara (also written as Mathara which is more as it is actually pronounced). From there it is easy to get a bus on to Galle or other places along the coast.