Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie), Hunan, China

Date of visit: August 2010
Guide book used: Lonely Planet China 11th Edition

Pictures of Wulingyuan can be seen here.

The guidebook makes it out that you are far better off visiting from the Zhangjiajie village entrance than the one at Suoxiyu. This is not necessarily the case. Zhangjiajie is a small village. There are not very many places to stay or restaurants.

Suoxiyu has a much better selection of places to stay and many restaurants selling local food. Also it is easy to walk from the town centre to the entrance gate. The entrance gate is alongside the river and can be spotted by the kind of pagoda style roof.

Information. English maps (Y5) of the park are available but you may need quite a bit of prodding to actually get one!

Getting around. The park is pretty big and there are buses departing from the Suoxiyu entrance to various points. Most though are only marked in Chinese and it is difficult to work out what bus you want.

Whilst the guidebook claims there is a bus running within the park from the Suoxiyu entrance to the Zhangjiajie entrance my investigations indicated this is not the case. You will have to pay (Y10) for a bus which goes from one township to another. In Suoxiyu the bus leaves from a station on Wuling Lu in the opposite direction (from the main part of the township) to the park entrance. It was down a little alleyway. There was a little Agricultural Bank of China pretty much on the opposite side of the road.

The Huangshizhai cable car is Y50 one way or Y96 return. There are two paths up to the top. One is far more popular than the other! The busy one comes out at the start of the Golden Whip stream, the other at the cable car station.

To walk down Tianzishan take the bus at the top of the cable car to the next point. The path down the mountain goes from the pavilion type building you can see. When the path splits further down the hill take the right. This will lead you to Ten Mile Gallery 十里画廊

There must be a road up Tianzishan but it would seem that the park forces you to either walk or use the cable car (Y52 one way).

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