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Sixth Tone. 28th October 2016. Chinese Craft Brewers Hop to a Different Tune. Article about Chinese craft beer.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Clearing the Air. Interview with Roger Bitterlin, General Manager of PLASTON China about the Boneco range of air purifiers.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Trading Places. Interview with David Braun, Head of Economic, Financial and Commercial Section of the Swiss Embassy in the People’s Republic of China about the free trade agreement.

The Bridge. Autumn 2016. Work in Progress. Article on the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement.

Nikkei Asian Review. 26th September 2016. China’s Electric Car Dreams Still Fed by Subsidies

Sixth Tone. 5th August 2016. Electric Road Tripping Hits Speed Bumps in China.

Nikkei Asian Review. 13 April 2016. Chinese motor racing grinding in second gear.

Nikkei Asian Review. 1 October 2015. Ripples of emission scandal felt in China.

Nikkei Asian Review. 28/07/2015. The Zhengzhou Model – Chinese cities look to airports for growth.

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Bridge. Summer 2015. Innovation in China: The Swiss Contribution.

Aggregates Business International. 11 June 2015. XCMG launch One Belt One Road Service Tour. News story.

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Nikkei Asian Review. 12 May 2015. China’s government, families come to grips with need for nursing care.

Bridge. Spring 2015. Learning from the Experts. Article about the Swiss hospitality industry and its impact in China

SBR. Feb/Mar 2015. MICE Sector Pushes Forward. Article about MICE industry in China.

Nikkei Asian Review. 11 September 2014. Hunting for deals on wheels in China’s developing used car market.

Nikkei Asian Review. 22 May 2014. China’s game-changing online retailers set for record IPOs.

Nikkei Asian Review. 19th December 2013. In China, hybrids can’t seem to sell without a lustrous nameplate. Article about sales of premium hybrids.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business magazine. December 2012. To Serve or Not to Serve? Article about customer service in China.

South East Asia Globe. November 2012. Chugging Along. Article about Cambodia’s railway rehabilitation.

Laowai. August 2012. Graying China. Article about China’s ageing population and how to care for them.

Laowai. April 2012. How to get started. Article on how to start a business in Shanghai.

Laowai. March 2012. In the Land of Mink and Money. Article about how Chinese are spending money.

Laowai. March 2012. Women in Business. Article about female entrepreneurs in Shanghai

Lenzing Inside. January 2011. The Lenzing Spirit for China. Profile of Mark Stubbs the General Manager of Lenzing’s Nanjing operations for the company magazine.

EuroBiz. August 2009. Revving Up. Cover story on the Chinese car market.

BizShanghai September 2005. The Generation Gap – cover story about 3G mobile phones in China.

BizShanghai June 2005. Foreigners Bring Banking Evolution not Revolution.

EuroBiz (Shanghai) February 2005. Mainland Media Mogul? Article about Tom Group’s operation in China.

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