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South China Morning Post. 26th November 2016. All the fun of the show. Article about the Guangzhou Auto Show.

SCMP – Guangzhou Auto Show 2016

South China Morning Post. 19th November 2016. A Sporting MG. Test drive and review of the MG GS.


Autocar. 18th November 2016. New Roewe i6 to become next-generation MG 6.

Autocar. 18th November 2016. Guangzhou Motor Show Highlights

Audi Magazine Hong Kong. Winter 2016. Driven by Fun. Article about the Goodwood Festival and track day in Shanghai.

Audi Magazine HK – Goodwood Festival and track day

South China Morning Post. 29th October 2016. Highway to Discovery. Article about driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport around the Tibetan border area of Sichuan.

South China Morning Post. 15th October 2016. Bold Boyue a value option. Test drive and review of the Geely Boyue.

Nikkei Asian Review. 26th September 2016. China’s Electric Car Dreams Still Fed by Subsidies

South China Morning Post. 17th September 2016. Big affordable Ford hits China. Test drive and review of the Ford Taurus.

South China Morning Post. 3rd September 2016. Blue skies, shimmering asphalt and powerful Audis in Shanghai. Article about an Audi Sport track day.

South China Morning Post. 20th August 2016. Denza dares to be different. Review of the Denza EV.

Sixth Tone. 5th August 2016. Electric Road Tripping Hits Speed Bumps in China.

South China Morning Post. 30th July 2016. Qoros Qlown. Review of the Qoros 5 SUV.

Auto Express. 4 July 2016. Emgrand EV 2016 review. Road test of the Geely Emgrand EV.

Autocar 26 April 2016. IAT Kalman – £1 million SUV on display in Beijing.

Autocar. 25 April 2016. The most important Chinese cars at the Beijing motor show.

Nikkei Asian Review. 13 April 2016. Chinese motor racing grinding in second gear.

The National. 11 March 2016. Road test: Geely Emgrand GT.

Vantage Shanghai. January 2016. Moving into the fast lane. Article about the new wave of cars from leading Chinese producers.

South China Morning Post. 27 November 2015. Centre Stage for Premiers. Article about the 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Autocar. 20 November 2015. 2015 Guangzhou Motor Show report and gallery.

MG Enthusiast. November 2015. The MG GS in China. Test drive of the MG GS.

Nikkei Asian Review. 1 October 2015. Ripples of emission scandal felt in China.

South China Morning Post. 25 September 2015. Chinese firms aim to become driving force for telematics.

Autocar. 8 September 2015. 2016 MG GS 1.5T Deluxe AWD review

Shanghai where is .

South China Morning Post. 28 August 2015. Chinese carmakers raise the bar for design and technology.

Shanghai where is

China Automotive Review. July 2015. China driving design from the back seat.

Shanghai where is .

South China Morning Post. 29 May 2015. Shanghai Auto Show is big in scale and continues to grow.

Shanghai where is .

GN Focus. 17 May 2015. No shortcut to the lap of luxury. Article on China’s influence on the luxury car market.

Autocar. 22 April 2015. The Chinese stars of the Shanghai motor show.

Autocar. 6 March 2015. Ford Escort Review.

Auto Express. 9 January 2015. Qoros 3 hatchback review.

Autocar. 21 November 2014. Guangzhou motor show 2014 report and gallery.

Autocar. 20 November 2014. Range Rover Evoque versus Landwind X7 copycat – which is better?

Autocar. 1 October 2014. Qoros 3 saloon first drive.

Talk. October 2014. Baojun 610 test drive.

Nikkei Asian Review. 11 September 2014. Hunting for deals on wheels in China’s developing used car market.

Talk. September 2014. Citroen DS5 LS – Gallic Charmer? Review of the Citroen DS5 LS

Autocar. 21 August 2014. Citroen DS5 LS first drive.

China Automotive Review. October 2014. Should BYD quit making cars?

Talk. August 2014. E-Day. Review of the BYD e6.

Silkroad. June 2014. Torque of the Town. Review of the Nissan GT-R.

Talk. June 2014. Wagon Wheels. Review of the Volkswagen Gran Lavida.

Talk. May 2014. Grand in Name. Review of the Geely Emgrand EC7

Discovery. April 2014. Executive Measures. Review of the Porsche Panamera Executive.

China Automotive Review. April 2014. Hybrid premiums in China. Article about the increasing market for hybrids from premium manufacturers.

Talk. March 2014. Driving Godzilla. Review of the Nissan GT-R.

Audi Magazine. March 2014. Racing Rahel. Article about the R8 LMS Cup.

Talk. February 2014. Keep on Driving, Shanghai. How to drive in Shanghai.

Silkroad. February 2014. Spurred On. Review of the Bentley Flying Spur.

Talk. January 2014. Flying High. Bentley Flying Spur test drive.

Nikkei Asian Review. 19th December 2013. In China, hybrids can’t seem to sell without a lustrous nameplate. Article about sales of premium hybrids.

Talk. December 2013. Executive Class. Review of the Porsche Panamera Executive.

China Automotive Review. November 2013. Chinese manufacturers should behave like an American in Europe.

Talk. November 2013. The Luxgen L7 – Can luxury and genius really be combined? Review of the Luxgen L7.

Silkroad. November 2013. On Your Marques. Article looking at the market for classic cars in China.

China Automotive Review. October 2013. Making it big: large cars and government procurement

Talk. October 2013. Cagey Performer. Review of the BAIC Senova.

Sydney Morning Herald. 12th September 2013. BAIC Senova first drive review.

Vertu Select. 2nd September 2013. China’s motorbikes in the fast lane. Article about the growing demand for large imported motorbikes.

Talk. September 2013. Purring Along. Review of the Jaguar XF.

Autocar. Hongqi H7 First Drive review. 9th August 2013

Autocar. Senova First Drive review. 8th August 2013

China Automotive Review. August 2013. China only models vs. China only brands.

Talk. August 2013. Raising the Flag for Hongqi. Hongqi H7 test drive.

Talk. July 2013. Bigger Bavarian. Review of the stretched BMW 3 series.

Talk. June 2013. Big Shot – test drive of the Buick GL8.

South China Morning Post. 24th May 2013. An Elegant Evolution – Bentley Flying Spur test drive.

Talk. May 2013. Volkswagen New Santana test drive.

Sydney Morning Herald. 30th April 2013. First Drive Review: MG3. Test drive of the MG 3.

South China Morning Post. 26th April 2013. Geared for China. Motoring article about the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

Silkroad. April 2013. Road Rebels. Motoring article about the growth in the Chinese market for imported luxury motorbikes.

Silkroad. March 2013. Vrooom with a view. Motoring article about convertible cars in China.

Talk. February 2013. British Born Chinese. MG 5 test drive.

Auto Express. 9th January 2013. MG 5 1.5 Auto test drive.

Talk. January 2013. Electric People Carrier. Test drive of the Zotye M300 EV.

Silkroad. January 2013. Power Switch. Motoring article about China possibly offering subsidies for diesel cars.

Silkroad. December 2012. Easy Riders. Travel article about the Shanghai Sideways motorbike sidecar tour.

Talk. December 2012. Stretching Infiniti. Test drive of the stretched Infiniti M.

Silkroad. August 2012. Home Run. Article about Chinese government car procurement.

Autocar. 27th March 2012. Geely Emgrand EC7. Test drive.

Autocar. 2nd November 2011. Zotye 5008 EV. Test Drive

Auto Sohu. 10th October 2011. Outlook for the Chinese Car Market. Article looking at current challenges in the Chinese car market and how the writer sees the market developing. Page 1 has a Chinese translation.

Vertu Select. 15th September 2011. Driving into the Chinese Market. Article about the establishment of Chinese brands by the JVs.

Sydney Morning Herald. 13th August 2011. Corolla clone takes on Prius. Test drive of the BYD F3DM

Autocar. 22nd June 2011. BYD e6 – first drive.

Vertu Select. 27th May 2011. Why luxury cars are longer in China.

South China Morning Post. 23rd April 2011. Market Driven. Review of the performance of Chinese manufacturers at the 2011 International Shanghai Auto Show.

China Car Times. 8th April 2011. The long awaited BYD e6 review. Car review on the Internet.

South China Morning Post. 6th November 2010. Bolt out of the blue. Car review of the BYD F3DM.

South China Morning Post. 19th June 2010. Up to the Marque. Car review of the MG 6

The Age. 14th April 2010. London Cabs Down Under. Article on London taxis being used in Australia. Jointly attributed.

South China Morning Post 9th January 2010. Quiet American. Car review of the Buick LaCrosse.

South China Morning Post 5th December 2009. Extended Family. Car review of the Audi A4L.

South China Morning Post 17th October 2009. Growth Curves. Car review of the Ford Fiesta sedan (saloon).

South China Morning Post 22nd August 2009. Lavida Local. Car review of the Volkswagen Lavida.

EuroBiz. August 2009. Revving Up. Cover story on the Chinese car market.

Auto Express 21st January 2009. MG3 Streetwise. Car review.

South China Morning Post 20th December 2008. Basic Instincts. Car review of the MG3 Streetwise.

South China Morning Post 29th November 2008. British Born Chinese. Car review of the Roewe 550.