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Sixth Tone. 28th October 2016. Chinese Craft Brewers Hop to a Different Tune. Article about Chinese craft beer.

Priority. Oct-Dec 2016. Reclaiming the Cuisine. Article about Lao food.

Tiger Tales. January 2016. Warrior Fuel. A look at Xi’an’s food particularly in the Muslim Quarter.

Hemispheres. October 2014. Cutting Remarks. Dispatches article about Hutong Cuisine.

Vertu Select. October 7th 2012. Shanghai, are you being served? Article about Institut Paul Bocuse and how service levels are improving in the Shanghai food and beverage industry.

Vertu Select. 25th December 2011. Hot chocolate in Shanghai. Article on the growth of high end chocolate in the city.

Vertu Select. 3rd June 2011. David Laris: new restaurant, less chairs. Interview with Shanghai’s famous restaurateur.

City Weekend (Shanghai). January 24-Feb 13 2008. At least you won’t fall down the stairs. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). January 10-23 2008. Liquidating Your Assets. Article about drink prices in Shanghai.

City Weekend (Shanghai). December 13-26 2007. 2nd Home – Whose home? Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). September 27 – October 17 2007. Mokkos – no sake here. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). September 27 – October 17 2007. Gammiok. Review of Korean restaurant.

City Weekend (Shanghai). August 30 – September 12 2007. Cube – Sweet Xintiandi. Bar review.

South China Morning Post. August 15th 2007. Bowled over. Travel article about Yokohama ramen museum.

City Weekend (Shanghai). August 2nd-15th 2007. Jwow – Wowing the Senses. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). July 5th-18th 2007. Cici – The New Money. Club review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). June 7th-20th 2007. Piccone – Hidden Rock Gem. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). May 24th – June 6th 2007. Pirates – French Electro. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). May 24th – June 6th 2007. Chakalaka – the lion sleeps tonight. Restaurant review.

City Weekend (Shanghai). April 2007. Spago. Restaurant review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) March 22nd-April 4th 2007. Free Soul – emancipate your soul for less. Bar review

City Weekend (Shanghai) Maneo. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) January 4th – 17th 2007. Sofa Bar and Café – Going Parisian? Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) December 21st 2006 – January 3rd 2007. Utsuwa – a Zen like lunch. Restaurant review.

That’s Shanghai November 2006. Noodling in Nanning. Travel article about food in Nanning.

City Weekend (Shanghai) October 26 – November 8 2006. Wunderbar. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) August 31 – September 13 2006. Quan Viet Nam. Restaurant review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) July 20 – August 2 2006. Pizza Marzano. Restaurant review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) June 22 – July 05 2006. Velvet Lounge. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) March 23 – April 05 2006. Koala Bar – Not quite the land down under. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) February 09-22 2006. The Saviour of Shanxi Road. Restaurant Review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) August 18-31 2005. Free Soul. Bar review.

City Weekend (Shanghai) March 9-23 2005. Rocking the Burbs. Bar review.

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