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The Right Way to Travel. 8th December 2016. A two-letter tip for cutting your writing time in half.

BNE Magazine. Nov/Dec 2016. Real Shanghai. Travel article about how to discover the not so well known charms of Shanghai.

South China Morning Post. 29th October 2016. Highway to Discovery. Article about driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport around the Tibetan border area of Sichuan.

Priority. Oct-Dec 2016. Reclaiming the Cuisine. Article about Lao food.

Inner Circle. September 2016. Of Dragons and Dinosaurs. Article about Changzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel there.

Inner Circle. August 2016. The Tale of Tea. Article about Hangzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel there.

Jerusalem Post Magazine. 15th July 2016. Far East refuge. Story about how Jewish refugees found sanctuary in Shanghai.

Great Escape Publishing. 3 June 2016. The Easiest Way To Get Published For The First Time.

Inner Circle. June 2016. Future Shock. Travel Article about Doha and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Inner Circle. May 2016. Front and Centre. Travel article about Wuhan and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Selamta. May-June 2016. 24 hours in Guangzhou. Travel article about what to do with a day in the city.

Japan Times. 13 March 2016. Nagoya’s big names, trains and automobiles. Travel article looking at museums in Nagoya

City Weekend. 10 March 2016. Resting their feet. Community Feature Story about Hongkou and Shanghai’s Jewish refugees.

Silkroad. March 2016. Caving in. Travel article looking at the cave dwellers around Xi’an and their disappearing way of life.

Inner Circle. February 2016. A Bite of Fuzhou. Travel article about Fuzhou and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Tiger Tales. January 2016. Warrior Fuel. A look at Xi’an’s food particularly in the Muslim Quarter.

Travel by Lightfoot (website). December 2015. Following the Herd in Sri Lanka.

Jetstar Asia. November 2015. Cambodia’s black gold. Made in article about Kampot pepper.

Inner Circle. October 2015. Hefei Heritage. Travel article about Hefei and the Shangri-la Hotel.

Inner Circle. September 2015. Ancient Glory. Travel article about Xi’an and the Shangri-la Hotel.

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Inner Circle. June 2015. Revolutionary Road. Article about Nanchang and the Shangri-La Hotel, Nanchang.

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UO Magazine. May 2015. Article on otaku and cosplay culture in Japan – translated into Chinese.

Serendib. March 2015. Tower Hamlets. Article on towers in Kaiping, Guangdong Province.

Silkroad. March 2015. Second Wind. Article on the growing sailing scene in Sanya, Hainan.

Inner Circle. March 2015. Salt of the Earth. Article about Yangzhou and the Shangri-La Hotel, Yangzhou.

SBR. Feb/Mar 2015. MICE Sector Pushes Forward. Article about MICE industry in China.

Inner Circle. February 2015. Southern Capital. Article about Nanjing and the Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing.

Inner Circle. January 2015. Sun, Sea and Sanya. Article about Shangri-la’s Sanya Resort.

Jetstar. November 2014. Tokyo. Travel article on the city.

Hemispheres. October 2014. Cutting Remarks. Dispatches article about Hutong Cuisine.

Inner Circle. July 2014. Allure of Ningbo. Article about the city for Shangri-la Hotel magazine.

Tiger Tales. May 2014. Finding Ningbo. Travel article about Ningbo.

Travel 3 Sixtyº. April 2014. Nagoya for All. Travel article about Nagoya.

Inner Circle. March 2014. Sage Advice. Article about Qufu for Shangri-la Hotel magazine.

Colours. February 2014. Snow Patrol. Travel article about Japan’s Nakasendo Way in winter.

Renaissance. September 2013. Hefei. Highlights of the city.

Renaissance. September 2013. Wuxi. Highlights of the city.

South China Morning Post. 27th June 2013. Pummel Vision. Review of the Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Sri Lanka.

Silkroad. March 2013. Women’s Kingdom. Travel article about Danba, Sichuan, China.

Open Skies. February 2013. Taikang Road. Travel article introducing Shanghai’s Taikang Road area.

Devon Life. February 2013. A Flotsam Furore. Article about Branscombe and the Napoli.

Silkroad. December 2012. Easy Riders. Travel article about the Shanghai Sideways motorbike sidecar tour.

Laowai. September 2012. Qiandao Lake. Article about the lake and the flooded towns that lie below the surface.

American Way. 15th May 2012. Spahhhhh. Article about Japanese onsen (hot springs).

Laowai. April 2012. Caring Cambodia. Article on how tourism is helping the environment and the disadvantaged.

Vertu Select. 15th March 2012. Eat, pray, love in Bali. Travel article about Bali, Indonesia.

Vertu Select. 13th November 2011. Tianzifang, Shanghai’s artistic corner. Travel article about Tianzifang.

South China Morning Post – Post Magazine. 5th June 2011. All around the watchtowers. Travel article about Kaiping, China.

Vertu Select. 31st March 2011. Record breaking Chinese railways speed aheed. Article on China’s new high speed trains.

South China Morning Post. 12th January 2011. Rumble in the Jungle. Travel article on Laos Elephant Festival.

British Heritage. January 2011. Smokin’ Heritage. Article on the best British steam railways.

Straits Times. 13th July 2010. Get lost in Kashgar. Travel article about Kashgar and the Karakoram Highway.

Kansai Scene. July 2010. Travel article – Vientiane. Article about the capital Laos and a bicycle ride along the Mekong.

Metropolis. 11th June 2010. Luang Prabang. Travel Article

Metropolis. 14th May 2010. Kashgar. Travel article about Kashgar and the Karakoram Highway

Metropolis. April 2nd 2010 Issue 836. Weekend Getaway – Shanghai. Travel article about alternatives to the usual Shanghai trip.

Straits Times. March 9th 2010. Mingle with Snowmen. Travel article about the Sapporo snow festival.

That’s Shanghai. February 2010. 24 hours in Kaiping. Travel article.

Kansai Time Out. April 2009. Art in the Street. Travel article about Taikang road (Tianzifang), Shanghai.

Kansai Time Out. February 2009. Back on Track. Travel article about New Zealand railway journeys.

Metropolis (Tokyo) Issue 769 December 19th 2008. Beihai. Travel article about the secret history of Beihai, China.

Metropolis (Tokyo) Issue 767 December 5th 2008. Harbin. Travel article about the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival.

Australia & New Zealand Magazine (UK). September 2008. Railway Romance

The Straits Times 5th August 2008. A little lane in old Beijing. Travel Article about Beijing hutongs.

Kansai Time Out. August 2008. An Alley Affair. Travel article about Beijing and its hutongs.

South China Morning Post 30th July 2008. Qingdao.

Kansai Time Out (Japan). April 2008. Hoi An Holiday. Travel article about Vietnam.

That’s Shanghai. March 2008. 24 hours in Shenyang. Travel article

Japan Times. Friday 25th January 2008. Basking in the northern cold. Travel article about Sapporo Snow Festival.

Metropolis (Tokyo) Issue 721 January 18th 2008. Cranes, trains and no automobiles await visitors in Hokkaido. Travel article about winter in Kushiro.

South China Morning Post. 16th January 2008. Wing It. Travel article about the steam trains and red crested cranes of Kushiro, Japan

That’s Shanghai. January 2008. 24 hours in Harbin. Travel article.

Kansai Time Out. November 2007. Hanoi High.

City Weekend (Beijing and Shanghai). November 1-14 2007. All Aboard! Travel article about China’s new high speed trains.

South China Morning Post. October 17th 2007. World of Ice. Travel article about helihike on Franz Joseph glacier in New Zealand.

Kansai Time Out (Japan). September 2007. Sichuan Safari. Travel article about China.

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South China Morning Post. August 15th 2007. Bowled over. Travel article about Yokohama ramen museum.

Kansai Time Out (Japan). July 2007. Turn to Stone. Travel article about New Zealand and jade carving.

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South China Morning Post. 27th June 2007. Magical history tour. Travel article on John Lennon museum near Tokyo.

That’s PRD April 2007. 24 hours in Nanning.

Shanghai map

That’s Shanghai April 2007. 24 hours in Nanjing.

Sydney Morning Herald 17th March 2007. Not a yellow submarine but close. Travel article about a tour of London in a WWII amphibious vehicle.

South China Morning Post 14th March 2007. Feel the art beat. Travel article about Taikang lu (Tianzifang).

That’s PRD March 2007. 24 hours in Beihai.

That’s Shanghai November 2006. Noodling in Nanning. Travel article about food in Nanning.

South China Morning Post 18 October 2006. Duck season. Travel article about a tour of London in a WWII amphibious vehicle.

South China Morning Post 5 July 2006. Souvenir DIY. Travel article about a jade carving experience in New Zealand.

That’s Shanghai. July 2006. Coast Watch. Travel article about the beaches of Beihai.

Korea Herald April 8 2006 Ancient city holds mysteries to be uncovered. Travel article about Kyongju (Gyongju)

Kansai Time Out (Japan) No 348 February 2006. Little Kyoto and Matsumoto Castle. Travel articles about Nagano and Gigu Prefectures.

That’s China. July 2005. Chengdu Calling

That’s Beijing June 2005. Still Life: Horse trekking in Sichuan

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Kansai Time Out (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe) Issue No 309 November 2002 Old Korea.

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att. (Japan) January 2001 John Lennon Museum. Article about John Lennon Museum just outside Tokyo.

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Tokyo Classified Issue 344 October 27 2000 Fukushima Aizu with a twist.

Tokyo Classified Issue 339 September 22 2000 Takamatsu Emerald Isle