Other work

PR work

Completed a press release, advert and advertorial for rentome.com. Also have done copywriting work for AXA-Minmetals


I have undertaken some editing work on English articles for Spa China magazine.


Wrote the static content for the mobile app guide for Seoul.
Did the following walking tours for Shanghai

Shanghai Old Town
Tour of the old part of Shanghai. Great for general tourists and photographers. Ample opportunity for souvenir shopping.


Xintiandi to Tianzifang, Shanghai
Walking tour through the heart of the former French Concession in Shanghai, China


Exploring the Bund, Shanghai
Good for photographers especially at night.


Off the beaten path in Shanghai’s Hongkou District
Exploring a traditional neigborhood, Chinese park and a cultural giant.


Shanghai Foodie Tour
A taste of Shanghainese cuisine



My degree was in business and I used to teach an English for International Business degree course for the University of Central Lancashire in partnership with Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. I have also in the past worked in the marketing department of a top 100 UK company.

My master’s degree is to do with the use of technology to teach and reflects my interest in computing matters.