Phnom Penh

Date of visit: January 2012
Guide book used: Lonely Planet Cambodia 7th Edition

Shooting ranges

The one I went to on the outskirts of Phnom Penh was operated by the military and tacked onto the side of an army base. There is a bar coded menu. Prices seem much higher than in the Lonely Planet. A magazine for an AK47 or M16 assault rifle is $40. That gives you 25 bullets for the Kalashnikov and 20 for the Colt.

The experience is pricey and they do little to add to the experience. A quick run down on how to safely and properly handle the gun would cost just a few minutes in time.

Proper ear protectors are provided. They seem to want to sit people at a wooden table. As I have fired similar weapons before and know how to handle them I refused and stood. It seems that the weapons they have are poorly sighted. They charge you $1 per coconut. They sold me three. I destroyed one, hit another but didn’t graze the third. So they could reuse two coconuts at $1 a time for the next person.

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