The Generation Gap – article about 3G mobile phones in China.

By Mark Andrews

BizShanghai. September 2005

Why China has yet to implement a working 3G mobile phone network and when it might happen.

<p>The plane touches down. You grab your laptop and head for the terminal. While waiting for immigration you turn on your mobile. A message pops up from Mr Zhao saying he’ll be late for the meeting. You wondered what he looked like, now you know thanks to the crisp video message. Glancing at your watch it’s just as well he’ll be late as immigration is taking its time. Finally you’re through and have collected your waiting bag.</p>

<p>A driver is waiting for you at arrivals. As you’re speeding towards the city, your thoughts drift to the evening’s entertainment. How about a film? Um, what’s showing in town? You take a look on your phone and view the trailers. The comedy might be worth seeing.</p>

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