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Presentation work on videos for various news sites

First look at XPeng P5

A test drive and review of the XPeng P5 the first production car with Lidar, as seen on Inside EVs.

Will China Dominate the Global Car Market?

A Wheelsboy Chat episode looking at the prospects for China in the global car market.

Baojun Valli review

Ethan and I take a spin in the Baojun Valli an unusual car for China as it is a station wagon (estate). For the Wheelsboy channel.

Xpeng P7 Valet Parking Assist (VPA)

A look at XPeng’s memory parking system for XPilot 3.0 in the P7 as seen on Inside EVs.

Li One - China's best selling startup model

Review of the Li One a PHEV and the best selling model from a Chinese startup for the Wheelsboy channel.

Enovate (Enovere) ME7 review

Wheelsboy review of the Enovate ME7 a Chinese EV which has now been rebranded Enovere.

XPeng's autonomous drive Guangzhou to Beijing

Discussion and video on XPeng’s record setting NGP highway autonomous drive from Guangzhou to Beijing.

Xpeng P7 NGP drive

A look at how the XPeng P7 highway self-driving system performs against a Tesla Model 3 for Inside EVs.


Review of the R ER6 a new electric car from Chinese producer SAIC under a newly created brand name of R.

Wey VV7 GT review

Review of the VV7 GT from Wey supposedly the upmarket brand of Great Wall for Wheelsboy.

Beijing Auto Show Report

Ethan and I look at some of the cars at the Beijing Auto Show for YesAuto and the Wheelsboy channel.

2020 Beijing Auto Show new Chinese cars

A look at some of the Chinese stars of the 2020 Beijing Auto Show for YesAuto and the Wheelsboy channel.

HiPhi X at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show

Hands on look at the luxurious HiPhi X EV at the Beijing Auto Show for the the Wheelsboy channel.

Nio ES6 vs BMW iX3

Wheelsboy video from the 2020 Beijing Auto Show where Ethan and I compare these two EVs.

Maxus D60

Review of the Maxus D60 an SUV from the brand that used to be LDV but is now owned by SAIC.

Volkswagen e-Lavida test drive

Review of the VW e-Lavida for the Wheelsboy channel. A China only EV from Shanghai Volkswagen.

Xpeng P7 First Drive and Overview

First-hand Xpeng P7 driving impressions from Media Day in Shanghai.

South China Morning Post

For the South China Morning Post I presented a video introducing the Yudo π1 car to accompany an article about the car.


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