Mark Andrews

Freelance writer based in Shanghai

My first paid travel article appeared in 2000 and since then I have written about everything from Japanese houses to heli hikes on New Zealand glaciers, test drives of Chinese cars to bar and restaurant reviews.

Currently I specialise in travel articles and reviews of Chinese cars plus articles about the Chinese auto industry.

Originally hailing from the south west of England I have travelled extensively throughout Asia and Australasia. After stints of living in Tokyo and Seoul I now call Shanghai home.

Previous work experience includes a year in a former FTSE100 company’s marketing department, various English teaching jobs and working for a British university in China.

My writing on travel includes such aspects as food and drink, festivals, quirky museums, transportation, culture, history, and wildlife.

Furthermore I am one of the leading China based English language writers and reviewers of the Chinese auto industry.

In addition I am currently in the process of working on a number of book projects including my first novel.

Published articles have appeared in The South China Morning Post, Straits Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Japan Times, Korea Herald, Metropolis, Kansai Scene, Auto Express, Australia & New Zealand Magazine, That’s Shanghai, That’s PRD, That’s Beijing, That’s China, City Weekend, EuroBiz, BizShanghai, att.Japan, New Seoul News, and Transitions Abroad.

Recent Articles

Electric AionS

When GAC first showed the Aion S at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show and billed it as a Tesla 3 killer it created more questions than answers.

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All articles and photographs displayed on this web site are available for purchase with rights varying according to what has previously been sold. For most published articled this means first serial rights for the country that the publication appears in.

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