Real Shanghai.

By Mark Andrews

BNE Magazine. Nov/Dec 2016.

Travel article about how to discover the not so well known charms of Shanghai.

After the Wendy Deng affair I decide against claiming I’m related to Rupert Murdoch and go with saying I’m the son of Kerry Packer. Mrs Wu smiles politely but I doubt she has any idea who James Packer is and I don’t get much more than a cursory glance up and down.

I’m taking a walk in Shanghai’s People’s Park just past noon on a Saturday and have stumbled into one of the world’s oddest markets – it’s called the marriage market or “blind date corner” and already a gaggle of pensioners has gathered near the main entrance of the park, each sitting behind an umbrella with a card pasted on it listing details about their son or daughter in the hopes of making a marriage match.

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Mark Andrews has written about everything from Japanese houses to heli hikes on New Zealand glaciers, test drives of Chinese cars to bar and restaurant reviews. He currently specialises in travel articles and reviews of Chinese cars plus articles about the Chinese auto industry.

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