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By Mark Andrews

CKGSB Knowledge.
April 2023

Robots are the future of warehouse logistics automation with Geek+ leading the pack

During peak season for, the clothing brand of UK supermarket chain Asda, the company’s returns center needs to handle 360,000 units coming in and then the same number back out per day. The issue is that there is only space for 70,000 units in the warehouse at any one time. The solution? A fast-moving logistics system featuring the Geek+ P-800 autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

As just a handful of warehouse workers stand by, towers of shelves wind their way towards them, filled to the brim with goods bound for various destinations and accessible from four different sides—a feature unique to Geek+ solutions. Underneath the shelves is the P-800, which looks similar to a largish Roomba, the famous robot vacuum cleaner. The AMRs have revolutionized, and Asda’s, logistics operations across the UK, allowing for the processing of goods without sorting and decreasing the time it takes to get each unit back on sale.

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