Mokkos – no sake here.

By Mark Andrews

City Weekend (Shanghai). 24/01/2008

Bar review of Japanese style sochu bar Mokkos in Shanghai.

Hidden behind a heavy wooden door down a lane this bar is a treasure trove of sochu. Whilst sake is a brewed this Japanese alcohol is distilled. There are basically two types: korui which is distilled several times and otsurui (or honkaku) which is distilled just once. Behind the long wooden bar shelves are filled mainly with bottles of otsurui in all shapes and sizes. The menu, at the moment only in Japanese and Chinese, lists the base ingredient: rice, sweet potato, wheat. Otsurui (Y25-55) is best drunk neat or on the rocks. There are also a number of chuhai (Y25) where the sochu is mixed with flavours such as lemon or grapefruit juice, or a Japanese plum (ume). Minimalist grey walls, fluted red light shades and wooden panelling mix with a small tatami mat seating area and a few chairs and tables. Evocative of a friendly local bar in Japan, and run by a native of Kyushu, the spiritual home of sochu.

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