How Digitization is Changing the Way to Manufacture Cars.

By Mark Andrews


The auto industry is undergoing rapid change in all areas but even in manufacturing which has seen incremental changes for decades, the pace of that change is accelerating. Impetus for the adoption of Industry 4.0 comes largely from the EV startups. Areas where they are leading and others are looking to follow include digitalization, large-scale die-casting, cell to pack (CTP), and cell to chassis (CTC) battery technology.

Real-time data is key to digitalization which then enables processes to be optimized and automated. By doing so, production not only becomes more efficient but also makes it more sustainable, helping companies move towards carbon neutrality; waste can be cut and resources used more efficiently.

While digital technology has been used on the R&D side of car production for a long time, integration into the actual manufacturing process is far newer.

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