Revving Up.

By Mark Andrews

EuroBiz. August 2009

The expansion of the Chinese car market is good for domestic and foreign manufacturers alike by Mark Andrews

It was only a decade ago private car ownership seemed like a dream for Chinese consumers, but today the dream has already been realized by much of the Chinese middle class. The explosive growth of car ownership in China led analysts to predict China would soon become the world’s largest auto market, and in January they were proven right.

“China’s growth has been well ahead of forecast for several years, but nobody expected China to take the lead until sometime in the middle of the next decade,” says William Russo, president of Synergistics, a business consultancy specialising in the auto sector. Even allowing for the impact of the downturn in the US, it is still amazing how quickly the Chinese market has grown, he says.

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Mark Andrews has written about everything from Japanese houses to heli hikes on New Zealand glaciers, test drives of Chinese cars to bar and restaurant reviews. He currently specialises in travel articles and reviews of Chinese cars plus articles about the Chinese auto industry.

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