Food For Good Luck.

By Mark Andrews

Going Places – Malaysia Airlines. February 2019

What people eat around the world at Lunar New Year for good luck may not have originated from China

Bar the fireworks at midnight that herald its arrival, celebrations for the Lunar New Year in China are surprisingly muted. In the mainland, where it is more commonly known as Spring Festival, festivities are very much in the home and revolve around families coming together and sharing food.

Despite this, the world has embraced the festival, and come 5 February, millions will flock to Chinatowns around the world to join exuberant celebrations marking the start of the Year of the Boar. One unifying aspect is the importance of food. However, for most mainland Chinese, where jiaozi (steamed or boiled dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables) usually take centre stage, much of the food enjoyed in these Chinatowns would seem like exotic foreign food.

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