Pitching at a higher octave. Tips on how to get more success with pitching articles.

By Mark Andrews

Great Escape Publishing. 09/02/2017

So you’ve done your killer pitch, hit send and then…nothing! Should you wait a week, two weeks, a month to follow up or not even bother?
Well luckily there are ways around this situation with what I call pitching at a higher level. One of the biggest worries for any writer is wondering whether or not the editor even saw your email. After all email is not infallible. Over-zealous filters can send your email to junk or simply fail to ever reach the destination.

Unfotunately the article no longer seems available on the website

Mark Andrews has written about everything from Japanese houses to heli hikes on New Zealand glaciers, test drives of Chinese cars to bar and restaurant reviews. He currently specialises in travel articles and reviews of Chinese cars plus articles about the Chinese auto industry.

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