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By Mark Andrews

Great Escape Publishing. 31/01/2017

Article looked at member’s experience with adding photography. I was featured with another member and wrote my own part.
What’s been the most rewarding thing about adding photography to your repertoire? Photography for me opens doors. Obviously, there is the financial incentive—you’ll often get extra payment for pictures. But also, increasingly these days, unless a writer has pictures or can source them, you’re not going to get an article accepted. It’s common for an editor to come back and say, “We like the idea, but first show us what you’ve got in the way of pictures.” And, when on location, it makes you look more the real deal if you have a camera around your neck as well as a notebook in hand.

The article no longer appears to be available on the website.

Mark Andrews has written about everything from Japanese houses to heli hikes on New Zealand glaciers, test drives of Chinese cars to bar and restaurant reviews. He currently specialises in travel articles and reviews of Chinese cars plus articles about the Chinese auto industry.

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