Pretty Vacant – review of Great Wall Hover.

By Mark Andrews

South China Morning Post.

As attractive as Great Wall’s latest SUV may be, there’s not much behind its good looks, writes Mark Andrews

Great Wall’s recent foray into the market for small passenger cars has landed the company in hot water, with Fiat claiming that the Chinese marque’s GW Peri is a copy of its Panda. However, until recently Great Wall was largely known for its sports utility vehicles and pickups; it has dominated the Chinese pickup market for the past 10 years and the SUV market for the past five.

One of a handful of privately owned Chinese carmakers, Great Wall in 2003 became the first to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. When the Post visited the company’s headquarters in Baoding, Hebei province, to check out its flagship Hover SUV, the marque said the biggest problems for Chinese car manufacturers were safety, engines and gearboxes.

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