Noodling in Nanning.

By Mark Andrews

That’s Shanghai. November 2006

A man cannot survive on art alone. If you’re heading to the Nanning International Folk Festival you’ll need some sustenance.

Probably the most famous true local dish is old friend (lao you) noodles. It comes in two varieties according to the noodle type: wheat (mian) and rice (fen). The taste is both sour and spicy. It consists of fried pork, sometimes seafood, pickled bamboo shoots, garlic, chilies, spring onions, and black beans either served dry or in a soup. The dish got its name from the legend of its creation. An old man went to a tea house every day for many years. One day he didn’t go and the owner discovering the old man was sick prepared him the dish and took it to his house. The next day the old man was much better.

Unfortunately I cannot find an electronic version of this article.

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